Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[outfit] [thots] 14 months later.. being a mum while trying to have fun

It has been almost 14 month since I last posted anything and oddly, it's the murder of Cecil the lion that got me to want to start blogging again, for a non-animal lover even I am surprised myself how much the subject has infuriated me. For what it's worth, I think trophy hunting is vile and these animal murderers are a disgrace to the human species! 

There! vented!  


It has been over a year since the last post and if this was a diary entry, I plan to capture some of the moments from the last 14 month from being pregnant to being a mum while still trying to have fun!  

Previously on YouUe.. (ha)

This was right at the very beginning of my pregnancy, before all the awful nausea had started, things was still all fun and games, (without the alcohol OBVIOUSLY...- which was a large part of the fun for me..) it didn't take too long for my morning sickness to turn into all day sickness and eventually, throwing-up-blood-sickness, literally. 

When the first trimester ended, what was suppose to have ended with it- the constant sickness, didn't, it had decided to stay and haunt me til around the 6-7th month..

With the changing body, I attempted to still dress as I ordinarily would.... until many of my baggy tops didn't fit any more I found myself in the spiral of alternating between a very limited wardrobe selection.. 

Of which included my oh-so-beloved, Uniqlo shorts that I sport daily!

I got a few pieces of the standard loose-ish Vince, Joie silk tops and some ought-to-be-nobel-comfort-prize-winning maternity jeans and just mixed and matched. #ootd was commonly always #silk top #hmmaternityjeans  or a #zara #mango #dress 

On a side note.... It's not like I've given up on fashion or anything... but admittedly... I still wear those maternity shorts at home, they are just too great to give up, truly comfort and not too sloppy (I wanted to say comfort and "style" but my fingers wouldn't let me..) .. AND if you don't say, no one will reeeeally know they were maternity jeans HA! - I personally think they are great for plane rides too! 

This was 1 week before my due date, as a plus one to my friend's Cartier supper, my four limbs were so swollen that there were literally no room, not even for an ant in between those Chanel ballerinas and my feet. Nor was there room in between my fingers and those rings.

The dress was from Mango.

The day, all packed and ready to meet my baby. 

around 50 days postpartum, as per Taiwanese tradition, the time for baby to meet the extended family.. (eye-rolling) I would say I was mildly depressed, hormonal, emotional, however one wishes to put it, but I remember so clearly that at the time I would do anything not to be at this banquet.. but the choice was not mine to make. 

Wearing my extra-large lapelled Balenciaga, chanel boots, yet another mango dress. 

I think the hardest part of the pregnancy for me was the awful sickness, some instability during the first few months and most importantly unable to travel!!! (Due to various reasons past and the then present ) and my sole wish besides from delivering a healthy baby was to go back to London for a 2 week break before we move back to LA. Mother was kind enough to help with the baby so we went for New Years, for the masquerade ball and the stunning fireworks from the London Eye..  

As soon as I breathed the London air, happiness emerged!! 

Newborn getting the feed, new mum getting the feed too. Us newbies gotta stick together! New dad was of course getting his feed while taking this.. 

<<Mummy talk>>

Starting from the moment that we decided to try for a baby til this day (baby is almost 9 month) there are countless decisions and choices that needed to be made; from as major as whether one wishes to opt for a c section or go with natural birth to as mundane as the brand of baby wipes used.....

My take was, to do what I was able to, within my ability of control, that would make us happy! 

2015, back in LA, started with some shopping as a lot of my clothes didn't fit much anymore, so that was fun... then there's the not so fun sleepless nights with the baby..

As these Instagram diaries suggest, apparently I've become quite obsessed with culottes, my Barbara Bui chunky sandals, slip-on sneakers, ripped jeans, and as ever bracelets and statement necklaces.

Being a mum is new and new is always exciting, it would be silly to not have some fun along the way!  


I can't believe it's almost August already!!!! 

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