Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[outfit] growing love for bracelets vita fede / hermes / valentino / van cleef / joomi lim

Growing up, my freakishly boney wrist has stopped me from looking at bracelets all together, for one simple reason: they never fit, a lot of the time they'd just slide off~ it wasn't until I started looking at bracelets with sizes that it dawned on me that some of them might actually fit!!! and so the journey begins... 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[thots] DIY antler jewellery accessory rack / holder

I love jewellery of all sorts, from Portobello market accessories to higher end boutiques. The more valued ones I have limited of, and no problem with, I keep them save and sound; the problem is in organising the ones that I just keep lying around and want to grab and go, they seem to have the magic power of finding each other and starts tangling into a long chain of mess!! I am forever searching for the perfect and creative racks for my necklaces, I STILL am brainstorming as we speak, but what I created works for now.. for now at least! 

So.. the inspiration arose when John and I were on holiday in Bergen, Norway.. (no, it really did.. not being cliche..) a beautiful little spending-2-days-there-is-more-than-enough town~

Friday, August 16, 2013

[outift] [thots] plain top, pattern bottom. Prancercise

I've noticed I frequently end my posts with yay! Weekend, in an attempt to think outside the box, today, I am going to begin by saying yay! weekend!! Oh, and with a smile :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

[thots] Excitement! Phillip Lim for Target 2013

It is no longer news that Phillip Lim and Target have collaborated and I can hardly contain my excitement!! I love all these designer collaborations, as far as I can remember when I was still living in the UK I was there for the various H&M designer collaborations, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, (even Madonna), Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson.. you name it I was either there in person or in spirit! My all time favourite collection has to be the Lanvin x HM collection! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

[thots] Love for leather, search for long thin wallet. Saint Laurent, Il Micio, Farrell & CO, Kenton Sorenson

My wallet selection preference goes in phases, I've been using this Hermes silk'in for about 2 years now, I love it. It has so many card slots for all those credit cards, store cards, IDs... etc.. the amount of things it holds is quite incredible. I frequently put my iphone in along with the many many other things that already resides there.

I have enjoyed using it and I am sure I'll come back to using it! But for the past few month I've been on a quest to search for the perfect thin long wallet that holds credit cards. Note that the criteria I was looking for were

1. Long (didn't want to have to fold the money)- dont ask, i dont even know why
2. Thin (i wanted it to be light)
3. Have a decent amount of card slots

And the quest begins...

[outfit] good luck for vegas! VCA alhambra, red nails, brain atwood black peeptoe

Where do people in London go for a weekend break? Paris, Brussels (maybe), Barcelona, Milan, Rome... etcc.. 

Where do people in LA go for a weekend break? LAS VEGAS! 

SEE? I am jumping with joy! literally!! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

[outfit] recently, Michael Kors leopard print, IC Berlin! Sunglasses, oversized checked shirt

Work is taking over my life recently which I don't mind tooooooo much coz I quite enjoy it, BUT I'd still rather have more life than work.. 
More life than work means I'll actually have time to.. shop, browsing things online that's NOT shopping, catch up with friends and family, play candy crush, cook, read,..etc..etc.. 

With all that said, when you love something so much, you'll make time for it, e.g. Shoes!