Friday, January 31, 2014

[travel] Capella Pedregal Cabo San Lucas / Yachting fun

The two month travelling around and about for work and expo also involved a week of annual Chinese New Year trip with the in laws. This year was Mexico City and Los Cabos. While deciding between One & Only and Capella, we went with Capella due to it's location. This marks John and my third time in Cabo, (to be honest I don't even know why we've been there three times, it's nice, but not sure if it's three-times-nice) this was the nicest place I've stayed at! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

[outfit] Vince and Helmut Lang light coloured winter

I have been travelling around and about again for literally the last 2 month, it's been quite exhausting both mentally and physically, I never thought I'd say that but it's nice to be back in LA, nice to be back home, to my own space for that desperately needed zen.

Taipei was one of the first stops. There were a couple of days where Taipei was chilly, mainly coz it's just so humid, that it feels colder than it actually is.