Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[outfit] wedding at the Fairmont Penthouse Suite San Francisco

It seems like for our generation, it is when you hit the thirty-year mark that wedding invitations starts flying in, getting married at 27 is considered early amongst my circle of friends. When we received the invitation for our friend's wedding in San Francisco, the first thought that popped into our head was, should we take the baby with us? For a lot of parents this would not even be a question worth scrutinising over, well, we don't roll that way, let's face it, weddings are all about having fun, had the baby come with us, fun would have ended around 7:30. Luckily our brilliant-oh-so-caring-and-soon-to-be-best-friend friends (who are a couple, with baby! - those are the best kind of friends to have when you are also, a couple, with baby!) offered to babysit fafa for the night, SO! Hello~~ San Francisco! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

[travel] Italian wedding. The slow but stylish Italian way

It was July this year when we made our journey for the first time to this little Italian town called Conegliano in Treviso- where Prosecco originates. Not your typical destination when travelling to Italy but we were very much looking forward to our friend's wedding there!!

We travelled via plane, train, car, boat, from LA to Florence to Conegliano to Venice, it was quite a trip mostly because of the heat!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

[thots] trend: culottes, love them? hate them? how to wear them?

In this fashion desert known as Irvine, CA, a stay home mum has to have strong enough will power not to follow the Lululemon-wearing trend running mundane errands and I truly, wholeheartedly, hope that I can stay determined!

Very much at the opposite ends of the spectrum to skin tight yoga wear, culottes are baggy, airy garments that hangs like a skirts but are actually trousers. Wikipedia tells me they originated from the early C19, were worn by European upper class and the word itself is French. 

Culottes are a bit like marmite I think, you either love it or hate it.. either way they have been back for a few years now and be it winter or summer I feel that they are here to stay~

My newly acquired culottes from H&M

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[outfit] [thots] 14 months later.. being a mum while trying to have fun

It has been almost 14 month since I last posted anything and oddly, it's the murder of Cecil the lion that got me to want to start blogging again, for a non-animal lover even I am surprised myself how much the subject has infuriated me. For what it's worth, I think trophy hunting is vile and these animal murderers are a disgrace to the human species! 

There! vented!  


It has been over a year since the last post and if this was a diary entry, I plan to capture some of the moments from the last 14 month from being pregnant to being a mum while still trying to have fun!