Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[outfit] wedding at the Fairmont Penthouse Suite San Francisco

It seems like for our generation, it is when you hit the thirty-year mark that wedding invitations starts flying in, getting married at 27 is considered early amongst my circle of friends. When we received the invitation for our friend's wedding in San Francisco, the first thought that popped into our head was, should we take the baby with us? For a lot of parents this would not even be a question worth scrutinising over, well, we don't roll that way, let's face it, weddings are all about having fun, had the baby come with us, fun would have ended around 7:30. Luckily our brilliant-oh-so-caring-and-soon-to-be-best-friend friends (who are a couple, with baby! - those are the best kind of friends to have when you are also, a couple, with baby!) offered to babysit fafa for the night, SO! Hello~~ San Francisco! 

The process of nurturing a human life for nine month had left most of my wardrobe unwearable, so I went on one of my favourite shopping site ASOS and came across this red midi. 

Disclaimer: The oh-so-tacky gold studs from some photo editing app are there solely for the purpose of covering the mess, not to be mistaken as decorative. HA

The lift took us straight from the lobby to the penthouse suite and we were greeted with champange and a stunning flower arrangement.

It didn't occur to me that this venue is commonly used for weddings until we toured the place, it has all the right elements to make for a cosy intimate gathering! 

The hall way led us to what would have been the living room of the suite perfectly converted to a reception room. The balcony can be reached through here and that's where the ceremony was held. 

Kodak/iphone moments 

Beautiful fire place

Obligatory couples shot in front of the fire place

Dress: Lavish Alice from ASOS/ Clutch: Jil Sander/ Shoes: Vince 

The balcony had a breathtaking view of the city's concrete jungles! The night view was pretty too with a sense of calm elegance, differing to New York's bustling charm..... but..  of course I forgot to take a picture. (thanks to google though.. )

Okayy...Back to my amateur iphone photography... 

This is where the ceremony would take place, with the skyline as the back drop. 

The terrace is also known for being the location of a scene for the film The Rock 

The exchange of vows

The game room had a Moroccan/ muslim-mosque sense to me with it's horseshoe arches and geometric tiles, the unique characters definitely stood out from the rest of the suite.

The library was the bar, (which is funny coz when I was at school the first place we would secretly drink with friends on school grounds WAS the library... no one ever checks there... )

The attic of the library was apparently where Marilyn and JFK would hang.. 

After the ceremony and reception, two trolleys had been arranged for us all to ride to the golden gate bridge and back, but for some unknown reason we didn't quite reached the destination and went to Palace of Fine Arts instead for some kodak moments.

We journeyed back on the same trolley to the suite for the banquet, the high chair was requested by me and was initially intended for the baby, but as it turned out we didn't need it~ 

The room fit 60 people comfortably and was set up nicely, the food was fantastic!! 

The cake cutting moment followed by their first dance! The bride's Vera was stunning, layers and layers of puffiness had her seemed like she was walk and sitting on cloud. What almost had me in tears was when the groom's dad asked his youngest daughter for a dance and said he's never letting her go... *tears welling-up* 

As much as the term high school sweet hearts is used, it's rare in life that people go through their teenage adolescence, uni years, work, and ends up with someone you've always known... 

Fate really does bring people together, 

dear J & C

To, happily ever after!  

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