Thursday, January 30, 2014

[outfit] Vince and Helmut Lang light coloured winter

I have been travelling around and about again for literally the last 2 month, it's been quite exhausting both mentally and physically, I never thought I'd say that but it's nice to be back in LA, nice to be back home, to my own space for that desperately needed zen.

Taipei was one of the first stops. There were a couple of days where Taipei was chilly, mainly coz it's just so humid, that it feels colder than it actually is.

The oversized jumper actually really IS over-sized, it's an XL !! Saw it hanging there on the rack in the outlet store, felt the nice 100% cashmere material and thought it could be nice worn baggy.

My theory is.. baggy top has to be worn with skinny bottoms or visa versa, only basketball players can get away with baggy on baggy.... with that said, it even looks ridiculous on some. 

The almost cocoon-shaped coat I got in Taipei, was a good bargin I thought! 

For all of those who celebrates: Happy Chinese New Year!! 

Jumper: Vince 
Skinny trousers: Helmut Lang 
Boots: Isabel Marant
Coat: Street boutique in Taipei
Bag: Saint Laurent
Necklace: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Vita Fede

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