Friday, January 31, 2014

[travel] Capella Pedregal Cabo San Lucas / Yachting fun

The two month travelling around and about for work and expo also involved a week of annual Chinese New Year trip with the in laws. This year was Mexico City and Los Cabos. While deciding between One & Only and Capella, we went with Capella due to it's location. This marks John and my third time in Cabo, (to be honest I don't even know why we've been there three times, it's nice, but not sure if it's three-times-nice) this was the nicest place I've stayed at! 

The offical website has all these amazing pictures, and they were every bit real, they even have a video showcasing the hotel. 

This was the mini pool in front of the patio of our villa, nice and warm it was.

The key with its signature star sign.

 We were welcomed true Mexico style with

FREE whole bottle of Tequiiiiiiiiiila~ 

and a daily delivery of bucket full of Corona

And a daily delivery of a giant bowl full of guacamole.. 
Guac, I love, There's never enough guac, thought I could never get sick of guac.. 
after this 6 day-long trip, I learnt to truly understand the wise man that came up with the saying "never say never..."

The entire resort is built on a backdrop of breathtaking rocky mountains with the pacific ocean as to its foot. To enter the hotel, we drove through a tunnel which was dug through the center of the mountain, this would also be the short cut to the town center. 

Area surrounding our room

The inevitable massage session

Time for some dipping

We also rented a yacht to take us around Cabo and some snorkeling, the yachting was a first for me, really exciting and fun experience!!  Our ride for the day was Mrs. Pitt - Angelina

Some obligatory silly yacht shots

The sunset marks the end of our day. 

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