Monday, May 6, 2013

[food] sea urchin (uni) tagliatelle w/ prawn and scallops

I went for a secret getaway for a few days, back home now and have sudden cravings for sea urchin (Uni- as it's called in Japan) pasta, thought I try creating it at home~ 

What was used (intended for 2, was enough for 3)

1. Tagliatelle 
2. Sea Urchin - I used 2 small boxes
3. Scallops
4. Prawn
5. Garlic- 1~2 cloves
6. Chives
7. Double whipped cream - 1~2 cups
8. Salt
9. Egg yolk x 1
10. Truffle salt (optional)

(There are a few things to be done, then finally assembled. The order doesn't really matter)

1. Pan fry the scallops and prawn til they are both brown on the surface. (I just used the same pan, the scallops I bought could have been eaten as sashimi (raw) so didn't cook it through out)- SET THIS ASIDE

2. Simmer whipped cream on a pot, crush in the clove(s) of garlic

3. Remove the egg yolk onto a small bowl, pour some of this garlic cream in. (about 1/2 a cup) whip the yolk with cream- SET THIS ASIDE
4. Add 1.5 trays of sea urchin to the cream

5. Put this uni cream in to a blender and gently blend
6. Pour the sauce back to the pan, simmer, and add the yolk in (3) for a few seconds
7. Grate some parmesan in
8. Season with salt

9. On a separate pot, cook the pasta according to time instructed on the packet. (this can be done even before step 3- since they usually take about 10-12 mins)
10. Drain the pasta, pour it back to the pot, pour the sauce into the pot, add chopped chives. Mix it all up!
11. I sprinkled some truffle salt for added flavour.

12. Plate serve and munch~!


  1. My son would LOVE this....he eats nothing but prawns!


    1. try it~ it's so quick (if i wasn't photographing at the same time.. ) or just pan fry the prawn and sprinkle some salt and pepper~ and feed him only the prawn haha~

  2. Replies
    1. 哈哈 好阿~下次回台灣有時間可以!!!! you might regret it though.. so it's so easy.. haha