Monday, May 13, 2013

[outfit] summer- silk print trousers. ventilation is a must!

It peaked at 37C/99F today according to google- feels like it though, feels no cooler than a heated yoga studio, which is WAY too ridiculously hot for a May day if you ask me! 

(I have no idea why the most updated blogger app is making all the images so pixelated once uploaded... it puzzled me.....after much research, it is the general consensus that this update is rather rubbish especially how it blurs pictures!) 

All I wanted to do today was stay ventilated, anything thing polyester or man made was definitely out of the question, I needed something that can brreeaathheeee~~ silk it is!

My Derek Lam sleeveless top, has nothing under arm, PERFECT! non-figure hugging, PERFECT! 5 Star for ventilation! 

My Theory silk print trousers is very much frowned upon by the husband, he hates this, oh well, I am really liking the pyjamas-esque trousers, it's not only so comfy to wear, with it being 100% silk, I also give it 5 stars for ventilation! 

The downside is, if you stared at the print long enough, you begin to hallucinate..... 

Again, ridiculously blurry image of my Givenchy Nightingale~ 

I had to pair those trousers with heels, it should have been a even higher pair, I chickened out last minute, those YSL it is~ also very well ventilated XD, 4 Star!

This completes my outfit for the day, 37 degrees and sweat free, I am happily ventilated! :)


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  2. I love the top!!! I find it sexy to show off alittle shoulder~ ellyn

    1. thank you~~!!! i love this top 涼~