Monday, December 30, 2013

[thots] Ashish sequinned grocery bag, Louis Vuitton RWB all over again?

Remember when Louis Vuitton brought out this RWB collection a few years back? Anyone who's vaguely familiar with China and possibly Hong Kong could relate to this extremely roomy, sturdy, inexpensive bag, perfect for moving, strong enough to drag even on tarmac. 

You could naturally imagine the various "What the....." that came across our minds when we saw this classic Red White Blue (how it's called in Mandarin) inspired Marc Jacobs and was adapted in the design for Louis Vuitton.. 

By the same token, when I saw Ashish's grocery bag I whispered quietly to myself (so astonished I think I actually thought out loud), "What the...".  The Indian designer has designed various bags in the collection based on grocery bags in Britain; from the looks of it, the Delhi-born designer clearly understood the variation in social classes in terms of where people shop in Britain and has designed a bag for everyone~

The blue stripy bag for street market shoppers   

Ashish's rendition 

Oh, and everything is hand made in India~ 

Tesco bag for the average Joe

Ashish rocked it as Disco again with plenty of sequence  

The M&S bag for the rah-rah-rah posh ladies 

Ashish has made it less classy renaming it S&M, not sure if marks and spencers will be too pleased with this..

The cool colette fashionistas

This is a collaboration between the two, they were therefore able to use it's real logo and name

The world famous Coca Cola

I am assuming Ashish is saying enjoy Coke the drink, but it could very well be the illegal kind.. 

Here's some of the images from the catwalk, I must admit the longer I look at them the more OK I am with it.. I am not sure if it's edgy cool or just plain ridiculous, but I guess that's for the individuals to decided.. 

On the up side though, it'd be a good shopping bag for groceries, we've all gotta do our bit to save the planet right? Whether you'd spend 340 Euros on it, is another issue. Available at Colette

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