Sunday, February 2, 2014

[travel][outfit] Capella Pedregal dinner on the beach

Last time we were at Cabo for my birthday we had dinner on the beach. It was a nice April's day with a light breeze. This time John had also organized for the family to enjoy dinner on the beach, the January wind was significantly different to the April breeze though... 

I actually wore the same dress as I did to my last dinner on the beach in Cabo... (making this a tradition ha!) 

The setting was really romantic and beautiful, perfect for proposal I think..although it might be slightly toooooo obvious.. us women always know.. we just do. 

Apparently also affected by the polar vortex, it was windy and quite cold for the first hour or so, we were each given a poncho (they called it puncho, but it's really a rug..) to ruin our outfits and to keep warm

I had firstly insisted on not using it but then it got too cold.... so I caved in... here's my what I thought was very Mexican(style)/Arabic(colour) look on the beach... 

After a long day exposed to the sun, the sand was warmer, I dined in style, i.e. shoeless with feet digging into the sand... 

The bonfire by the sofa really kept us warm, the food was excellent, the weather got much better after the first cold hour and with the help of 2 patio heaters we were able to stay and finish dinner in a composed manner.. 

Thank you bonfire! 

Dress: Vanessa Bruno
Scarf: Lanvin x HM 
Flip Flops: Chanel
Jacket: Boutique in Taipei
Bag: Chanel
Sunglasses: Balenciaga
Poncho: on the house

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