Monday, June 3, 2013

[outfit] friends engagement banquet

I've been around and abouts and away for the past 3 weeks and therefore have been slacking on the whole blogging thing.. got back this morning and thought i'd get back to it!! (also..the poor blogger app photo quality was putting me off a bit too.. but it's now been updated!! so here I am!!) 

One of the key events for our trip to Taiwan was to attend a friend's engagement banquet; it's special to John and I coz we were the matchmakers to the love birds. The girl I met in Oxford when I was about 13 and the boy was a uni friend of John's. 

It is a typical Taiwanese tradition for engagement banquets to be held during lunch hours; today will conclude with a after party/ casual friend's gathering in one of the hotel suites. 

I try to travel light whenever I can, so brought back my Barneys NY blue lacey dress for the banquet, paired with my already-at-home-in-Taiwan Kurt Geiger patent heels; was thinking of bringing back a clutch to go with the outfit but gave up the idea last minute, thought this small Chanel will suffice. 

I really love this dress, thought it's appropriate for different events, it had to be taken up slightly, fitted nicely i thought! 

I have zero idea of the name for this Chanel bag, I love how it has a zipper pocket on the back, makes accessing things like mobile phones easier! The chain is adjustable for 2 different length. 

Kurt Geiger black patent heels

My recent obsession with nails is painting them different colours, I mixed and matched fuchsia and black today!  

Taiwan is so incredibly hot, sticky-humid-hot! Everyone went home and changed into more casual and summer friendly clothes for the post banquet gathering in the evening. I immediately changed into shorts, sleeveless top, hair up, and flats. 

Top is by one of my all time favourites Theory and shorts by one of my favourite Thai brand Flynow. 

I quickly removed heels and replaced it with always-so-comfy Chanel ballerinas.


  1. Welcome back!!!

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  2. 你的手腳好漂亮

    1. 角度吧~謝謝啦~~~

  3. 終於!


    1. 我最近很愛降ㄝ~都亂搭!