Friday, September 27, 2013

[food] no mess grilled fish in 15 minutes

I love using the oven to cook, it's easy, no fume, no smoke, no mess. Very graceful i think. It's my favourite way to cook after a tired day off work. 

Mackerel I LOVE, it's nutritious and full of flavour, especially in the autumn. (and so cheapppp!!). I've always appreciated the way the Japanese grill their fish, and have been trying to achieve that crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside texture! Here's my 15 mins attempt~ 

The Steps

1. Pre-heat oven to around 375~400F / 190~200 C (i had it on 400 here coz I was being lazy and cooking some chicken at the same time lol) 

2. While the oven pre-heats, we prepare the fish. My secret for the perfectly crispy fish? SKEWERS!! Do make sure the skewers are long enough to sit across the baking tray! 

3. Line the baking tray with aluminium foil (for easy cleaning!) Skewer the fish and have it sit across the tray. (I did it at an angle so it ended up the shape it was..rather than a flat piece)

4. Make sure the skewer sits properly then sprinkle with salt.

5. And sprinkle on the back too

6. When the oven's heated, put the tray in on the top, and I usually set for about 12 mins.

7. When the oven beeps the fish is ready!!! I think that because the skewer heats up too so the fish is being heated up from the inside as well as the outside. Cooking the meat from the inside simultaneously means the juice is locked in and not evaporated or dripped out- that's my analogy anyway LOL 

Anyway, this skewer method has worked very well for me for cooking other fish like salmon, pork chop and even chicken wings (especially to cook the area near the bones!!) AND instead of a gooey/greasy wet side that's sitting in the tray; as the food is cooked suspended you get crispiness on both sides and thoroughly cooked - FAST! 

8. I usually let it rest for a few minutes, then de-skew!! 

9. I like it with white pepper and salt, and a wedge of lime! 

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