Friday, September 27, 2013

[thots] Stella McCartney faux leather shoulder bag- or ipad?

As I was window (or apple rather) shopping online on NAP - as you do.. I was scrolling and scrolling and browsing and looking - as you do, I came across what's described by NAP as 

"Stella McCartney's structured faux leather shoulder bag is sleek and contemporary. Trimmed in contrasting white"

So sleek and contemporary that it resembles the hottest techie product - IPAD! 

I was scrolling down and thinking, "nice, nice, wow, wow, huh? IPAD!?"

Ok, out of curiosity I clicked in and look, thought i'd give it a second chance, I even zoomed in!

Up close and almost personal, I see - yep! iPad, it's legit, Apple has offically set its foot in the fashion world!   

How to model-pose with an iPad as a clutch:

iPad on chain- convenience! 


The faux leather ipad camouflage is pretty hefty priced at $1050
Available at Net-a-porter 

(see ya soon at The Outnet!)

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