Thursday, September 12, 2013

[outfit][travel] (one of) my best friend's beautiful wedding @ Coworth Park Ascot

Confession: I am a very irresponsible blogger- I stop blogging all together when I am away on holiday. It has been almost 3 weeks since I blogged, 10 days out of the three days I was in London and Sicily for the summer holiday we have been looking forward to. One of the most important event for us going to London was to attend one of my bridesmaids wedding in the beautiful English countryside- Ascot.

Dilemma the night before, which shoes?!? 

I had plan to wear my A by Brian Atwood when I was putting my outfit together, little did I know I would go shopping (yeah.. i knew.. ) and would end up buying a pair of almost turquoise Sergio Rossi shoes... the dilemma: self-inflicted.

I was shocked by how terrible some of the photo qualities were.. DO bare with me please, I HAVE just confessed that I am an irresponsible blogger..   

After thoughts and asking around I decided to go with the new Sergio Rossi, it is SO comfortable that would never have thought they are almost 6 inches (around 12 cm), and here's John and I at the wedding~ 

I used my Hermes Kelly cut to complete the outfit

All the attendees were under the strictest instruction by the bride that we are not allowed to wear black!! I looked at my wardrobe upon receiving the instruction and realized that almost all the dresses I have are black or very dark coloured, so I began dress shopping! Found this bright red Calvin Klein dress with leather details, it was originally knee length, I had it taken up to more 20 something appropriate vegas length. 

Shoes were Sergio Rossi with shiny sting ray-textured-like heels

One must accessorise.. with so much going on my wrists, I opted for simple studded diamond earrings and no necklaces.

I also put my hair quite high up for a cleaner look~ 

Here's the whole ensemble again~ 

Next the wedding, the breathtakingly beautiful venue- Coworth Park Ascot. My GOD I LOVED the place, i love it, i love it, i love it (so much that i've got to say it 3 times!) 

As part of the Dorchester collection, the wedding at Coworth Park, Ascot lived up and beyond the wildest exceptions and captured all the essence of British-ness. I would go back and stay anytime given the opportunity!!  

The wedding was beautifully arranged, probably one of the best weddings I've ever been to, the food was fantastic; the ceremony very intimate and cozy, the service was superb, there wasn't a single thing that I could think of that wasn't perfect. 

Oh~ and they had free flowing wines and veuve - my fav bubbly - just FAB! 

John and I both decided that the room we stayed at for the night is undoubtedly the best hotel we have ever stayed at, in terms of the attention to detail, the comfort, the coziness, the tranquility, the service, the decor.. truly (so cheesy but) home away from home.. god I can go on and on, it's even better than our Amangiri experience! 

The collage below sums up the weekend very well, given the opportunity go and stay for a night or two, I am certainly going back- would be fun during Royal Ascot! 


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    1. the place the wedding everything about it was indeed beauutiful~

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