Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[thots][travel] to the left to the left, coz right toes are broken

The last entry I wrote about attending one of my best friends wedding, like all things, there's the good, the bad and the ugly. In this particular case however, it's a little extreme, there's only the truly wonderful (everything about the wedding) and the shit hitting the fan (my two broken toes). I've always thought it's alright when shit happens, things can't always be good, the yin and yang's gotta balance, but it's when the shit hits the fan that gets.... really inconvenient!

Spoiler: This is a rather long winded post about, my toes! 

So, the day begun with me slipping into my almost-6 inch/12cm Sergio Rossi at around noon..

Then it continued to be a day of fun up til about 12am I'd say, with everyone dancing around on the dance floor, intoxicated. One after another, all the girls, myself included, started to remove those killer heels that we've been staging for the past, erm, 12 HOURS!!! 

With the amount of veuve, reds, whites we've been chucking down our throat, it really just did not occur to anyone that it would be potentially hazardous to be dancing around with boys, no no, drunken boys, no no no, drunken boys in hard-leather-soled shoes to be exact. 

Disaster struck when I was happily dancing away, semi-tipsy with a friend, when whom, (shall should remain anonymous on this blog, but I will reveal his shoes) stepped HARD on my unprotected toes with those shoes. "OUCH! (or more like FXXX)" I screamed, "sorry sorry!!!" he said. I think we actually kind of left it there and carried on dancing until I felt it really WAS quite painful! 

On the way back to our rooms, I kept telling everyone that I think my toes might have been broken.

The morning after which was also the day that we were due to fly back to LA my 4th toe looked like it had got in a bar fight with other toes and lost, I couldn't bend it, and the little toe just felt sore. So I limped and hopped, all day, all the way til I sat down on the plane. 

It might have been the cabin pressure or some fancy physics that I have no knowledge of, but during the flight my toe started turning purple, dark purple, I started to got a bit worried at this point, and thought I really must go to the doctors when we arrive.

So, first thing the next morning, I went into the doctors office, in pretty shoes and after x-rays and consultation, came out in this black.. velcro.. thing. (it'd be quite an insult to shoes if I categorised it as shoes), and it's been 2 weeks since I wore anything that's remotely exciting, as there's nothing one can do with broken toes; hence no speedy ways of getting out of those, I've been sporting trainers on my left foot to support all the extra weights that would go there


This has been my week... I must say my nike runners have been of great support! 

So that's partly why I've been procrastinating on blogging, I mean, I've got not just one but two broken toes!  (yep i type with those) LOL ... any excuse.. 

People have asked me if blame my friend for it, the answer is no, it's not like he deliberately stepped on my toes to break them, but the perk I get is to be able to make fun of him for the rest of his life! AND also, it's not like he got drunk, picked me up, spun me around, fell, resulting in my head landing on the curb and breaking 3 of my front teeth... (yep, another friend did that to me when I was back at uni..- and yep we are still friends haha!) but more on that story later... 

Thinking about all these now.. who needs enemies when you've got destructive friends like mine huh? haha 

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