Monday, October 28, 2013

[outfit] recently phillip lim for target, boots for autumn, giorgio rouge ecstasy for lips

The more I experience with lipsticks the redder I dare to go, I love GA lipsticks, not only do I love the colour, the texture, I am a fan of the magnetic closure design with the lid. Call me lazy, it's the connivence of how it just snaps on so easily.. the Girogio Armani Rouge Ecstasy collection offers 36 shades of red- a one stop shop for red lipsticks if you ask me~ 

If you haven't already seen the cool video, here it is~ 

My spirit heightens as the temperature begins to drop, and the clouds starts to gather. (it would be icing on the cake if the rain starts to fall!) Yep, Southern California weather and I aren't best of friends, I appreciate having four seasons and love autumn and winter, there's nothing like breathing in fresh cold air in the morning, wakes me up, sets me in the right mood instantly. 

Having a variety in weather also make outfit choices more exciting, and there's way more to play around with, the boots, the jackets and coats, the variety of tops, the scarves.. one can go on and on.. but in reality, as the weather is still at a fairly spring-y 65F/18C a single piece of long sleeve will suffice... for now! 

Some recent outfits (I am so into green these days!)

I really liked the top by Phillip Lim for Target, it has a slightly chiffon-y texture on the back and sleeves (the green area) and a knitted texture on the blues, the effect is a more smarter look despite the sweater style being more on the casual side. Can be easily dressed up with necklaces.

Top: Phillip Lim for Target 
Trousers: Zara
Necklace: Vintage from Portobello Market, London 
Boots: Etienne Aigner
Bag: Chanel

This was another work day when I was still wearing the cast boots

I am a huge fan of Vince silk tops, very easy to wear, the material feels nice on the skin and mostly I love the way it has low or disguised shoulder line so it hangs very nicely off the body, I like the fact that it can be categorised shirt (according to..the highly credible... me.. haha ) but it has more of a casual look.

Top: Vince
Jeans: Hudson
Belt: Moynat
Bracelet: Valentino
Boots: Burberry
Bag: Balenciaga

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