Monday, November 4, 2013

[outfit] friend's edgy fun wedding at studio 1342 LA

This weekend, my side of the world we got the extra hour of sleep stolen from us during the summer back! but that really wasn't eventful enough for red and gold shoes, my primary school best friend's wedding was! 

My friend W has always been the edgy and creative one during primary school, her hubby L is also arty farty with endless idea, original ideas.. I was soo excited upon receiving their wedding invitation in the mail, it opened up like a poster, very nicely put together despite all the different fonts, and I could see some of them hand drawn~ from that moment i knew this wedding was going to be different to any weddings I've ever attended!!

The seating chart in alphabetical order, hand drawn I am guessing by the bride.

The venue is very cozy but edgy, it has a nice outdoor grass area for the ceremony 

and a larger drinks reception area for pre-supper mingling 

They had this fun photo booth area with props 

After getting the invitation and with the dress code instruction as "business attire is recommended, stylish and creative is commended" I started thinking on what I was going to wear... 

To start with I went with some bright red lipsticks by GA

I didn't want to wear a LBD or a LD so I went with a jump suit! 

Accessorise! Accessorise! Accessorise!

Some red and gold for good luck (us Taiwanese are a superstitious bunch..)

Some more accessorising

The back of the jump suit is lower than usual, I opted for hair down

Curled it a bit 

shoes to complete the look

Here are some other sweet little details from the wedding, I know it sounds sooooo cliche when people say that BUT the whole way that this whole wedding was put together was was SO THEM! They had been there since the morning to do all the set up, W was doing all the arty and crafty even details like things like arranging the flowers, all of our name tags were a hand made oragami pig (bride loves pig), there were 7 different flavours of cake for guests to choose from..the tags on the cake, etc etc etc... 

Attention was paid to the most minuuutee detail !! It was such an intimate wedding, just lovely~  

Here's John and I with our funky hairdo props! 

Congrats to W and L !!!! 

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