Thursday, February 13, 2014

[outfit] denim on denim- uniqlo on vince

Perhaps influenced by it's history with miners, denims to me has always seem indestructible, and by complete coincidence, my recent two trips out of the city to the proper outdoors world, I wore denim on denim. (It's not like I think I'll need a indestructible shield to protect me from out of civilization, but what I will say is, in the tale of the city mouse and country mouse, I'd definitely be the city one) 

Our recent trip to vegas we went to this place called red rock canyon.. by the fact that there were no phone signals around, I knew we were a little away from civilization. 

It is almost obligatory for me to take silly photos whenever possible, so as soon as we arrived, I got creative and stretchy

In terms of fun-ness for a outdoor non-enthusiast like myself the petrol station near by summed up the trip... (ok it wasn't that bad.. it was quite beautiful actually.. no, really it was!)

The other more cultural yet uncivilized by modern standard place I denim on denimed was in Mexico City, at the Teotihuacan Pyramids. 

Horse riding in a hear by restaurant yard was funnnn! 

Here's my failure to launch

This was better! My MJ jump as i call it! 

SO! I've never really liked denim on denim, but i guess that was those metal buttoned denim jacket on similar textured denim that I frequently frown upon. My two cents on the keys to denim on denim

- The shade/wash of denim, drastically different if possible. 
- Try to have different texture/rips in the denim
- Open collar
- Wear baggy with skinny, long with short etc. gotta balance the Ying and the Yang right?

Here's some of my likes found online 

and some quite horrid ones... (let's keep them small..)

and here's my CRAZZZY jump again~

Denim top: Uniqlo
Jeans: Vince
Sunglasses: Balenciaga
Shoes: Lanvin
Hat: Bought in Mexico

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