Thursday, February 27, 2014

[outfit] search for simple zipped clutch with shorts

I've been doing yoga more frequently than before and that also means always having a thousand things to carry, so I thought, I needed a clutch that's simple, zipped, for my wallets and essentials in the mornings, AND I can throw it in my yoga bag so that all things needed to be carried can be consolidated in to ONE GIANT BAG! 

I am very rational and logical in my shopping process... (really?!) I therefore started searching for a simple zipped clutch! 

The Celine is gorgeous, even though this was from past season, the electric blue is perfect for SS14!! (in my own opinion.. ha I am all FOR blue and green this SS)

This is also by Celine in current season, I like it, it's very sleek but not a good fit for the purpose of this purchase.. (so rational...) almost too rigid..

The other solution (I'd like to think that my "too much stuff to carry" is problem that's needing a solution..) I came across was by Saint Laurent, this was nice and simple and I had mentally put it on my "favourites" list.. they come in several colours

They also have a folded version, the "fold" itself was not minimalist enough for the purpose of me seeking a solution for my problem..

This is by Phillip Lim, having a wider base makes it more roomy, which is always handy, I also like the long metal that's used for the zip! But.. do I really need so much room? 

Also comes in sparkly black 

The Anya Hindermarch I have no interest in buying, the whole space themed print is too big bang theory for my taste, but I love love LOVE the oversized tassel!!! 

Fashion queen Victoria Beckham has really done well in her collections, this is a VB design, very her, chic and quite rigid. I have also mentally marked this on my favourites list.. for future purpose.. 

The one that topped my list, is this Alexander McQueen, I like the trim around the edge, I like the pebbled leather texture, and most importantly the skull zip detail. 

This topped my list, it's still on pre-order at most places, if I am still not over this zipped clutch craze it'll be joining me and the rest of my (bag) babies! 

To the LEAST of my expectations, I came across this clutch by Neiman Marcus on its last call website, they were having some sort of presidents day sale promotion going on resulting in the bag ended up being around $60.. so I went ahead and clicked "add to bag" 

I didn't know if my zipped clutch phase was going to last, and since I didn't find anything that really wow-ed me other than the McQueen, I bought this.. thinking if I don't like it as a clutch, I could always use it as a wash bag or for travelling.. haha (sooo rational)

It arrived the other day

It's first day out to play.. 

For the past few days, it has been serving the exact purpose I bought it to start with, and I feel no guilt throwing it in my yoga bag! AND it's so roomy that it even fits my container of walnuts I bring to the office for snack! beat that! ha

Patterned shorts: Zara
Outer Top: Dolan  
Necklace: J Crew
Bracelet: Hermes
Boots: Alexander Wang
Clutch: Neiman Marcus
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang

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