Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[outfit] growing love for bracelets vita fede / hermes / valentino / van cleef / joomi lim

Growing up, my freakishly boney wrist has stopped me from looking at bracelets all together, for one simple reason: they never fit, a lot of the time they'd just slide off~ it wasn't until I started looking at bracelets with sizes that it dawned on me that some of them might actually fit!!! and so the journey begins... 

I am having so much fun with just these bracelets recently that I am mixing and matching and stacking everyday.. definitely a way to jazz up any outfit! Here they are relaxing on my very home made NORDIC rack lol 

Simple vita fede eclipse rose gold with valentino 

Vita fede mini titan gunmetal w hermes rivale double tour

My van cleef alhambra necklace was a wedding present from my aunty, highly sentimental, too cool for my nordic rack.. haha 

I hardly wear it as a necklace, more frequently have worn it as bracelet (given my freakishly small works) 

less fuzzy shot

The vita fede 5 wrap bracelet i LOVE.. it's made out of very soft lamb skin, the one I got has silver rosegold and gunmetal on it. veryyyy versatile! AND~ again, given my small wrist (haha) the 5 wrap actually wraps 6 times, with a size 2. 

The vita fede eclipse i LOVE, so elegant.. 

The wrap looks very sturdy, yet it's actually very soft and nice to wear. Here's with the mini titan

It's nice to wear on my watch hand, so it doesn't make so much cling-ing sound when I am doing things in the office.. 

Here's some of my recent LOVEs ~ 

If you were looking to buy vita fede bracelets, I'd highly recommend getting it on their website VITA FEDE the package arrives quickly, and each bracelet comes in a gift box with ribbons, much much nicer than how it's packaged arriving from Intermix. 

Another designer I am considering is Joomi Lim, I am still feeling some of the pieces are too "gothic-y" for me, but I like how he uses pearl with studs, gives it a softer touch, a nice contrast. Here's my favourite- in terms of bracelet.

For more see Joomi Lim 

I remain undecided.. 



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