Friday, August 9, 2013

[thots] Love for leather, search for long thin wallet. Saint Laurent, Il Micio, Farrell & CO, Kenton Sorenson

My wallet selection preference goes in phases, I've been using this Hermes silk'in for about 2 years now, I love it. It has so many card slots for all those credit cards, store cards, IDs... etc.. the amount of things it holds is quite incredible. I frequently put my iphone in along with the many many other things that already resides there.

I have enjoyed using it and I am sure I'll come back to using it! But for the past few month I've been on a quest to search for the perfect thin long wallet that holds credit cards. Note that the criteria I was looking for were

1. Long (didn't want to have to fold the money)- dont ask, i dont even know why
2. Thin (i wanted it to be light)
3. Have a decent amount of card slots

And the quest begins...

il micio by Hidetaka Fukaya
(all images from website)

The first wallet (-ish) that caught my eye was this money-holder-like-leather-thing I saw in Tomorrow's Land in Tokyo. It's by Japanese designer Hidetaka Fukaya, I believe the designer specialises in leather products, bespoke men shoes in particular. The designer has a store in Firenze with the brand name IL MICIO. - Italian craftsmanship with Japanese soul i think.. 

This wallet is literally just 2 thin pieces of leather sewn together with 9 card slots on the back. PERFECT i thought, I was so close to getting it, but it was quite pricy at around $600-$700 USD as i remember, and I wasn't familiar with the brand IL MICIO so wasn't sure if it was worth it... 

So I put it back, but til today I am still thinking about it.....

Farrell & Co
(all images from website)

I came across this leather brand on Kickstarter, according to the website, everything is made by owner Meg Farrell in the USA. There are some nice things that I like such as the cross shoulder bag very reasonably priced at ($168). Their website can be found here 

But what really drew my attention was this envolope wallet. In the natural (though it looks more white from the photo) or tan colour. 

It has card slots at the back which I thought would be handy, and it seems to have lots of room for money. Perfect for travelling to countries like China, where you'd need lots of cash as many places don't accept credit cards. I like the natural leather effects on the inside too. 

They are currently raising funds on kickstarter I am actually planning on placing an order despite having already found my perfect long-thin-multi-card-slot-wallet, as it'd be only $80. 

Kenton Sorenson
(all images from website)

I LOVE the natural and sturdy leather by Kenton Sorenson, it's one of those leather that would age gracefully and honey with use. Here's an idea of what they have on offer.

If only the modern man card wallet was longer...if only..

The satchel i think is VERY nice, nicer than the cambridge satchel which has been overly exposed in my opinion.. 

My favourite product from Kenton Sorenson is the lunch bag, I am sure the whole paper lunch bag design is more than obvious here..   

SO pointless but so beautiful, 

I am so in love with this I am thinking HARD on what I can use it as.... haven't quite yet though.. hence can't justify the purchase yet... 

More beautiful things.. I'll justify my purchase one of those days... sooner rather than later.. 

Saint Laurent

Back to my long quest for THE wallet. When i search, i mean business! so when I found what I want the feeling is beyond ecstatic!

I actually really like the new branding of Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, from the design of all the packaging material, to the font, to the store concept. Very neat.

I found my long, thin, multi-card-slot wallet in Saint Laurent! The wallet has 3 credit card slot on the front, with a zipped compartment for notes and coins. In between those two, there's also a gap for i'd say maybe a couple of cards.

Definitely the thinness I was looking for

It actually is basically a credit card holder attached to a zip pouch- perfect.

The zip compartment is long enough for notes

They also have the same concept but in a smaller coin pouch/ card holder idea.. the SA told me today that my wallet apparently also comes in the red and fuchsia but I never saw that in store, I think I would have gone with the black regardless. 

I've enjoyed this wallet a lot, it's so light and most of the time I only use 3 credit cards anyway so it's perfect. The slight downside is that I do have to use a separate small card holder for all the other store cards, but it seems to work! 

There's my quest!! ... and some leather brand discoveries, love leather, don't think i'll ever get bored of it..

Yay! weekend! :)

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