Friday, August 2, 2013

[outfit] recently, Michael Kors leopard print, IC Berlin! Sunglasses, oversized checked shirt

Work is taking over my life recently which I don't mind tooooooo much coz I quite enjoy it, BUT I'd still rather have more life than work.. 
More life than work means I'll actually have time to.. shop, browsing things online that's NOT shopping, catch up with friends and family, play candy crush, cook, read,..etc..etc.. 

With all that said, when you love something so much, you'll make time for it, e.g. Shoes! 

I know pointy shoes are back on the leader board now and I for one have loathe its return, they are so uncomfortable!!! so UN-ergonomically designed and they give you bunions! Okay, they elongate the legs and are in trend, but they really are not for me.. (maybe flats but never heels again!) 

I came across those Michael Kors Leopard print heels (with zip details around) at bloomingdales the other day, and they were having some sort of specials, they had my size, I tried them on... one thing led to another, I led them home. To be honest I've never been a fan of Michael Kors, but I really do think they are getting better in terms of design (ok, maybe just some shoes, a few pairs of shoes, and some clothing, NOT the bags, I repeat, NOT the handbags!), 

Same old seem-them-all clothes, my i-can't-be-bothered outfits! I think I was thinking... I haven't done an outfit post for so long, I'll snap a few pictures! 

Same old Lanvin slippers I adore~

Same old philip lim mini-pashli i thought was only a fling, but turned out to be a lover.

New IC Berlin sunglasses, LOVE those, they have a matte black finish, like all IC Berlins, are very very light. Very dark lenses, just perfect for those toxic californian sun!! :)

So.. I was wondering around - China's answer to amazon i guess, and saw all these ridiculously cheap ..everything! and I decided to be adventurous and started adding things to my shopping bag! Out of the few.. (5 or 6 maybe) items I bought, was this gigantic, oversized checked chiffon (most likely polyester) shirt!

I really quite like it, there's many different ways of wearing this I think.. also liked the giant cuffs. (I swear I didn't buy this from high and mighty!)

High and mighty (a niche british shop that targets its merchandise uniquely to.. the high and mighty).. When I first tried it on, the first thing that came to my head was.. ahhh.. this thing has no shoulder line, it's so massive, i wonder what i'd look like on John!! 

So asked him nicely, while giggling, to please try it on, and he took my offer, VOILA!! I have another image of him staging this less than $10 master piece from taobao with a belt, but I shall spare him the embarrassment! :D 

We had a good laugh though!!! For the fun we had was worth more than $10!! 

I also reached a milestone going to see my first ever concerts in California! (confetti~~~) pop and rap- legends of the summer (they really were!!) JT and Jay Z concert at the Rosebowl last weekend~ it was phenomenal and involving one too many chardonnay than I had hoped, but all in all it was funnnn!! I kinda promised myself I'd watch the DVD if there is one, and this time, sober! 

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  1. i think you look great in that checked chiffon!!!! brighten up my eyes~ ellyn