Thursday, August 15, 2013

[thots] Excitement! Phillip Lim for Target 2013

It is no longer news that Phillip Lim and Target have collaborated and I can hardly contain my excitement!! I love all these designer collaborations, as far as I can remember when I was still living in the UK I was there for the various H&M designer collaborations, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, (even Madonna), Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson.. you name it I was either there in person or in spirit! My all time favourite collection has to be the Lanvin x HM collection! 

Designer collaborations are a funny thing, I think it has contradicting psychological effects (I just made this up, pretty sure there isn't such a thing) on shoppers. How so? well, it begins with the effect on people feeling they are shopping designer luxury  for high street price, well... it's not quite, with actual designer pieces, the fabric used is reflected on the price, as well as the design of course.. the collaborations are essentially selling JUST the design. Anyone who has shopped at one of those collaborations would know, in actual fact, we are paying for 

a) H&M/Target quality
b) Design
c) at much higher than H&M/Target price... 

It's contradicting in the sense that, we all KNOW we are getting poor quality and paying for more than the quality deserves yet still are willing to grab the basket load of stuff as if they were free.., myself included.. 

After all, it is a bargain, you'll-only-wear-for-a-year, designer piece, who doesn't want cheap chic? yes, it's all very superficial, style over substance huh!? 

I've looked over the Phillip Lim x Target look book and come up with my own likes, called "watch it" list! 

This collection is divided into Morning, noon, night wardrobe, by seeing the collection as a whole, I made my watch it list by making the purple start sunglasses mark~ 

Nice and simple LBD @ $49.99, i like! 

The No.5 men's attempt-to-Burberry trench looks good and is very fairly priced at $79.99, not tooo sure about No.6 and No.7 I always feel with those collections, leather can be a risky choice..

No.10, Green is really growing on me, the top looks like it belongs to my wardrobe. No.12, men's track suit bottoms- nice for travel.

No.13, again, green, i am all for green!
No. 15 the mini satchel is price at an amazing $34.99!! I definitely see the resemblance to the mini Pashili in the design and the hardware. I'd opt for the gold over the black.
No.16 I like everything as individuals, not together though, the t-shirt is cool, although very Kenzo, cardigan you can never go wrong with and there's always room for one more! 

No.17, again, great value, nice touch with the light blue lining.
No. 18, track suit bottoms I'd love for travel, top, i am not 100% sure, but it's fun! 
No.19, men clutch? - no, thank you! 

No.21, lovely as separates, not so much together.. almost like a divorced couple! 
No.22, The giant travel bag resembles the hour bag hugely, not bad!
No.23, very phillip lim, nice! 

Over all I think it's a great collection, very sharply designed, very wearable with great colour combinations. There are also a few modern classic pieces (like the trench). I think Phillip Lim has shown tremendous sincerity in designing for the collection in the sense that one can easy identify with his own 3.1 Phillip Lim line. Most importantly, the price point is AMAZING! On sale Sep 15th, I am there! (online) 

all images from this entry are from (other than the one that says watch it, of course..)

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