Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[thots] DIY antler jewellery accessory rack / holder

I love jewellery of all sorts, from Portobello market accessories to higher end boutiques. The more valued ones I have limited of, and no problem with, I keep them save and sound; the problem is in organising the ones that I just keep lying around and want to grab and go, they seem to have the magic power of finding each other and starts tangling into a long chain of mess!! I am forever searching for the perfect and creative racks for my necklaces, I STILL am brainstorming as we speak, but what I created works for now.. for now at least! 

So.. the inspiration arose when John and I were on holiday in Bergen, Norway.. (no, it really did.. not being cliche..) a beautiful little spending-2-days-there-is-more-than-enough town~

Wondering aimlessly, and came across this mini fleet market. Thought we'd take a look... 

Came across this bucket of antlers... ewww.. as some may think.. but I was more like.. "cool!!" THERE's my inspiration! - a dead animal.. - how very Damien Hirst 

So I dug through the bucket, and picked out 2 of these lovely "parts"

They didn't seem THAT big while they were in the bucket with their peers, but if they were just that bit bigger or taller, they wouldn't have fit in the suitcase!

I picked 2 with very different characteristics... thinking I'd bring them back, drill it on a wooden base or something, and all my jewellery bits and pieces can just drape and hang effortlessly with style.. Nordic style~ (i am sure there are plenty of these in Alaska/ many other places too.. but the two I brought back were Norwegian - I insist..)

So I did exactly that!! and here are my racks.. jewellery racks!! 

It works for now, but I am thinking they'd look nice flat on a wall too without the base of course... and/or a whole different way of organisation.. dunno yet.. I shall wait for my next inspiration~ 

Any ideas?


  1. Gosh you are so talented!!!!! ellyn

    1. you are toooooo kinddddddd!!!! it's useful though!!

  2. Oh my god you are a genius!!! I would pay a lot of money for them if I see them in the stores!!!


    1. yep i know~ haha!! kidding~ but it was a sudden spark of inspiration~ thank you~