Friday, December 13, 2013

[outfit] 2 weeks in Taipei, shirt layering, chunky cardigans, skinny jeans leggings

I've been procrastinating yet again due to travelling schedules, for some reason I always fail to blog when I am in Taipei; there's always some sort of gatherings going on; friends, family, distant family, family's friends.. the social obligations are endless. 

When in Taipei, I always make time for shopping in those local boutique-y stores, some self-owned self-ran, some started that way but has become well-established multiple-store chains among the locals. 

I found this accessories store in the east district called something along the lines of "f degree celcius" I went a little crazy in this shop for necklaces..

Layering shirt with tops has really grown on me recently, got this denim shirt from Uniqlo.

Denim shirt: Uniqlo
Outer Top: Dolan  
Jeans: Hudson
Necklace: F degree celcius
Bracelet: Valentino
Brown boots: Carolina Herrera  

My fondness for cardigans grew chunkier this autumn.. plus I think those are pretty perfect for warmer climates like Taipei and Irvine, where it really doesn't get too cold.. 

Jimmy Choo Wheel, the flat slippers range, with elements of similarity to the Louboutin studded flats in terms of the aesthetics but much softer; where Christian has smart leather soles, Jimmy opted for the more comfortable rubber. The studs on CL is sharp and metallic, where as Jimmy went with the more glamorous crystal-like blunt studs

I had, on several occasions tried on the CL studded slippers, despite them constantly oozing out "cooooool" it really wasn't the most appealing when it comes to comfort... 

The JC Wheel on the other hand doesn't ooze the coolness CL does, but is still cool enough (as i'd like to think, ha!) IS SO COMFORTABLE!!

With all that said, those are my new purchases, with a whole range of them on sale on Jimmy Choo's website as we speak!!! The fitting is wider the usual ballerinas, even with a whole day walking around shopping, brand new, it didn't hurt my feet a single bit!  

The pink elephant again I got from the "F C degree" shop in Taipei

Monochrome Top: Taipei boutique
Cardigan: Taipei boutique 
Jeans: Hudson
Necklace: F degree Celsius (pink elephant) Jcrew (grey elephant)
Bracelet: Valentino
Slippers: Jimmy Choo

The one thing that I appreciate about Taipei weather-wise is rain, I keep a pair of wellies at home in Taipei as I am more likely to encounter rain during my less than 2 month stay there a year than I am here in Irvine.  

Shirt: H&M
Cardigan: Taipei boutique 
Leggings: Zara
Wellington boots: Burberry 
Bag: Givenchy

On another similar rainy day... 

Cardigan from Sea Bleu Cashmere from Gilt (LOVE gilt!)

Paired with chiffon laced detailed shirt from outfit the other day

Shirt: Barneys NY
Top: Club Monaco
Cardigan: Sea Bleu Cashmere 
Leggings: Zara
Wellington boots: Burberry
Bag: Givenchy

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