Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[outfit] Girl gone mad. Green strip shirt with silk shorts

Girl gone wild. After 2 consecutive nights of BBQ I've gone MAD! It's been a constructive weekend with not too long left, if only I was to appreciate weekdays like I do weekends. 

I often dance, prance and move around in uncoordinated fashion at home, John's very much used to it now. Here's an example of how I rock! haha

Under the giant gold stud on the left hand corner next to my face, is John's face, there's him walking to the garden while me snapping this.

The green stripped shirt from Velvet Heart (Typo in the photo) is definitely a summers shirt, very light and breezy. Thought I'd giant necklace it again here, 

I am LOVING those silk boxer-shorts-esque ..erm..shorts, I initially thought they run in the danger of actually looking like pyjama shorts (though I am still not 100% convinced they dont look like PJs) I think matching with the brighter colour or patterned top helps toning down the PJ-ness. 

Here's weekend outfit again~

To celebrate the weekly 2-day holiday, I went extreme length of embarrassing myself! MAD huh? think..so!