Saturday, July 20, 2013

[food] Easiest summer fresh tomato pasta in 15 minutes

For those days when you want some fresh tasting pasta without the hassel, this is the perfect recipe! I've tried this several times it not only taste refreshing, but SO easy! 

What was used (for 2)

1. Fresh vine tomato (3)
2. Parmesan (I usually buy them in blocks and grate them)
3. Extra virgin olive oil (would need about 3/4 of a cup for the blend)
4. Pine nuts (a handful)
5. Pasta 
6. Basil (10 leaves?)
7. Pepper
8. Salt
9. Garlic (2 cloves)
10. Ham (or bacon or any meat)- optional


1. Two pan is needed, both fill with water, bring to boil. A pan is used for tomato and the other for the pasta (cook according to instruction on pack)

2. Gently cut into the tomato, all the way around, this will make removing the skin easy once boiled.

3. Once the water boils place the tomato in the pan to boil them, say around 3-4 mins

4. Cook the pasta once the water boils, add the usual olive oil and salt. 

5. Looking at the pan with the tomatoes, the skin should look like it's been stretched and beginning to detach.

6. Take the tomato out, and peel the skin off, it should come off really easily. Then we chop them in smaller pieces. 

7. Also finely chop the basil

8. We should almost be ready at this point, here are the things we need to add into the blender to make the sauce! and add SALT!

9. BLENDDDDD!!! This is the best part! Blender's doing all the hard work! 

10. This part REALLY IS OPTIONAL, the sauce tastes good without meat too! I am such a carnivore that I feel anything tastes better with meat.. I found some ham in the fridge so I used that. This could be ANY meat, I think bacon (or any meat- again..) cooked til crispy would go well. (Use the pan that I boiled the tomato in to minimise pan washing! haha)

11. The pasta should be ready, drain and back to the pot it goes.

12. Add the sauce from the blender, add ham, some basil and stir~~!! Voila! PASTA's DONE!

13. Plate and serve, sprinkle some basil on top, add parmesan, pepper as desired! 

(For the really lazy: Tinned tomato would work too! I tried that, but make sure it is heated slightly on gentle heat when mixed in with the pasta and drain the water off from the tin for it to not be so soupy)


  1. Looks yummy!小Nigella耶你


  2. bravo!!!! i will give it a try~ ellyn