Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[outfit] neon top, summer bright shorts, playful multi-coloured nails

I've been highly obsessed with multicoloured toes recently, thought it's playful and particularly suited for summer; so i painted them dark blue, silver, green and fuchsia this time round, 4 more colours then I'd almost have the colours of the rainbow! 

I removed those old nail colours the other day and thought I'd let the nails "breathe" for a few days... within a day, I felt so naked at the toes and decided a day of breathing should be enough, quickly painted them again. 

Summer really is here, sleeveless is a must, and apparently neon too this summer, I don't think I can do too much neon without blinding myself, so went with a gentle neon strip! 

Top by splendid 

Went all gold

I love this necklace by michael kors, it's basically a lump of gold tied with a leather strap.

The ancient sandals by Burberry, still wear it and likes it~

The weekend was rather non-eventful, headed to wholefoods for grocery shopping, as always, I get freezing cold at supermarkets so went with a long sleeve top, bright colour shorts and Tods driving shoes. 

Top by ASOS

Shorts by J Brand

It's a busy week with exciting things happening at work, look forward to it!! 

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