Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[thots] bucket bag by LV, Loewe, Mansur Gavriel, Balenciaga

I LOVE champagne and I remember in my teens, hearing the story of how the Louis Vuitton bucket bag Noe was created to carry champagne bottles, I thought to myself, genius! Didn't fancy bucket bags back then though, but 15 years down the road I think I've learnt to appreciate it's timeless appeal and actually quite fancy it now!

louis vuitton noe image from www.louisvuitton.com

I haven't bought a Louis Vuitton bag in a long time, I am thinking if I do soon, I might go for the Noe BB, in Epi leather and in Citron, which is the yellow colour above. I think it's quite a classic, and I love the shade of yellow, feels like it's full of energy! (despite looking quite heavy...)

on Louis Vuitton Website for $1410

Mansur Gavriel

I came across this new leather goods brand Mansur Gavriel the other day and the Bucket Bag in Cammello immediately caught my eyes! Love the natural leather colour, I can just see it becoming more honeyed with wear.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

I haven't seen the bag in person, but from the images it seems softer and lighter than the LV Noe BB, with more character too.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

I like how the inside has been left with the original texture of the leather, it seems that the leather will soften with use.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

Come with a little pouch inside, very important for the little bits and bobs! 

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

The Cammello is definitely my favourite colour, then the Flamma then the black.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is available for $410

They also have this version of the bucket bag where there are different colours to choose from for the inside part of the leather!! This is where the black got more exciting I think.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

It was a shame that they didn't have images of the colour variations on their website, I would have loved to see the Cammello/Dolly, the Cammello/Azzurro and the Cammello/Royal, they did have swatches of colour combinations listed though.

image from www.mansurgavriel.com

I was very close to placing an order for the colour combos but thought I really should see it before making a purchase. They are $50 more expensive than the single coloured at $460


The buttery soft leather at Loewe always looks so tempting!! this Flamenco looks as light as air! (which is highly appealing!) and the drawstring pompoms adds a more fun/coolness to what could be quite mundane bag.. 

image from www.net-a-porter.com

The colours are definitely a summer must, and these 2 are my favourite angles of the bag. 

image from www.net-a-porter.com

The Flamenco also has inside pockets for those little things..

image from www.net-a-porter.com

Differs from the conventional more rounded base bucket bags, the Flamenco has a more rectangular shaped base, making it more rigid-looking despite the softness of the leather. (I actually suspect that this particular Flamenco has been stuffed with large amounts of tissue paper.. )

(Oh well, perhaps it was never meant to be a bucket bag... )

image from www.net-a-porter.com

Can also be carried just under the shoulder... kill two birds with one stone huh?! I prefer going long.. 

On NAP for $2150
image from www.net-a-porter.com


The balenciaga pompon and pompon mini comes in so many different combinations that when I did a image search on google, pages and pages of the variations of hardware and colours came up.

I've always thought the Balenciaga Pompon and the Alexander Wang Diego were like distant cousins..especially the shape of the hardware studs.. oh well, Mr. Wang gets a say on both brands now, so.. who knocked off who shall remain a mystery

Last but not least, the pompon mini, I have, in rose gold hard ware and a purple-ish grey colour, I love using it, it fits way more than it looks! When those long walking days gets the better of you shopping in london, paris, tokyo or supermarket runs.. it can always be carried crossed body, although it isn't highly recommended.. just coz.. it doesn't look as nice, ha, shallow I know! 

My first bucket bag and I think there's room for a couple more! :) 


  1. UEEEEE, r u going to place order here http://shoppourporter.com/

    love the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag!!! my tea!! price fair I think, considering to get one as B'day gift for myself hehe

    Do u think the Flamma is too much for me??

    U r the style guru :)

    1. hahaha I was thinking of placing it on their website.
      I think the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is nice too, but kind of want to see it in person, and YES, very reasonably priced for the bags these days.. I think the Flamma is a v nice/vibrant red!! (from the picture!) and PLEASE! I am far from a style guru! haha :)