Saturday, July 6, 2013

[outfit] Work appropriate floral, pattern and statement necklace

It has been scorching hot the past week in Irvine. 5 hours drive away from us; Death Valley, topped 57C this week.. the Valley of Death it really is! 

I've never ever been photogenic and never knew how to pose nicely for the camera; nonetheless, making funny faces, exaggerated gesture, embarrassing moves is definitely my forte! Here I am expressing, just how HOT it is! got it? capiche? 

Note to self always, never pair print with more print.

The floral trousers I got from Tokyo has gone so well with the many plain t-shirts I have. Here's a plain grey t-shirt from ASOS. 

The 5 stones necklace was from Portobello Market

Thought the Lanvin suede oxford would go pretty well with the floral, it's plain enough, and definitely super comfortable

Through out summer, the amount of flesh exposed is proportional to the digits on the thermometer. Take shoes as an example, this week I went from oxford to strappy sandals to sandals with even less material.

Here I am wearing my theory silk print trousers with a plain black top, to make the outfit a little more exciting I wore my gold statement necklace from Neiman Marcus for the first time. 

Wearing flats with these trousers is almost a fashion suicide, the trousers doesn't have too much structure to it, it could easily look like Hugh Hefner's pyjama bottoms. 

The hexagon pattern also didn't photograph too well, Paired with Tom Ford sandals.

This outfit I thought was pretty work appropriate, no?

As the weather got hotter I wanted to have less fabric on me. Playsuit made perfect sense! It's light, in one piece and just great for those mornings when you feel like just grabbing one thing from the wardrobe! 

Sandals from Diane von Furstenberg, it's so hot that my feet were getting veiny, not nice. I actually think feet is the ugliset part of the body, it is quite gross looking if you think of it.. or is it just me?!

It's the long weekend!!! Horrraayyy~ 4 days of holiday will consist of the cliche BBQ, some alcohol, lots of sleeping and hopefully going somewhere nice that's not too crowded. Went to the desert hill outlet yesterday and felt like I had gone to the border of Korea and China... IT. WAS. VERY. CROWDED. I would, for future reference, avoid at all costs!

Happy weekend!!