Sunday, July 14, 2013

[thots] how to find the perfect pair of jeans- meality

It's the weekend!! While wondering around bloomingdales, I bumped into this hi-tech-chic-looking pod: me ality 

As much as I love shopping; jean shopping, i find hugely exhausting! There are so many different brand with different fittings, even the sizing have a vast variation, trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is quite a pain-staking process. I have however, gone through this exact trial and error process to find out exactly what brand suits me and which size (coz they all vary)

Meeting this machine for the first time, I was excited! I wanted to see if the machine was able to identify exactly the types of jeans that suited me, and if it matched my time consuming trial and error of searching! 

Here I am ready and steady! After filling in some very basic details, I was in the pod ready and steady for the reality scan!

They ask you to look at the 3 white dots on the glass...

While doing a funny hand gesture around the hip area, it's a bit like the Iron Man taking off gesture in reverse.. 
There's this large metal wand close to the glass walls, that would circulate around the station twice to apparently collect over 200,000 reference points on the skin for analysis!! It takes only about 20 seconds. 

Once it's done I stepped out of Meality and the results were ready in no longer than 30 seconds. The result shows you the top 20 pairs of jeans with various size and brand that would fit you the best. I was slightly skeptical at this stage.. 

The result was printed out!! 

Not only does it tell you what brand fits best, it tells you which style of the brand, and what size of the style! 

The line down the bottom with colour gradient shows you how ideal the fit is specifically for your body. The further towards the right, the better. 

My result was pretty surprising to me at first as I've never been a big fan of AG jeans, and the last time I tried on a pair of Citizens of Humanity boot cut was trendy.. and these were my top 3!!!! 

However as I looked down the page, it began to make more sense, and quite accurately cited my loves: Hudson jeans and Rag & Bone jeans. Those fit me very well (from my own experiments..) and Meality even correctly identified the size of the two brand that fitted me the best!!! 

As the analysis gives you top 20, the result goes on! 

J Brand and Paige Denim apparently should fit me well too, I shall give Paige denim a chance, new options! 

I was mainly shopping with family today, so didn't use the result to jean shop, but the people I was shopping with did, and it was convenient and much less stressful. Rather than running around the jean section like a headless chicken, it gave them a direction, the sizes were sometimes off by plus or minus 1 size, but that I think also depends on how people like to wear their clothes. 

All in all, from a customer's perspective, it's a great service, I will definitely go back and try on these other styles recommended and see how they fit! From a business' perspective I could image it saving the store personnel more time and possibly generating more sales in people having more clue in what fits them best!

After all it's free and it's fun why not give it a try! 

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