Sunday, April 14, 2013

[travel] Sage Mojito at Amangiri

Saturday afternoon, I really wanted a Sage Mojito, the kind that I had during my stay at the Amangiri a couple of month ago, so I tried to recreate it at home, replacing sage with mint.

What was used

1. Sage
2. Lime cut in to wedges
3. Sugar
4. Ice
5. Rum
6. Sparkling water


1. Place about 8-10 leaves of sage in a glass
2. Squeeze the juice and the pulp in to the glass (1/2~1 lime depending on how acidic you like..- i used 1 whole lime) leave 1 wedge of lime in.
3. Add sugar, quite a bit, like 2 tea spoons
4. Bash all these up
5. Add ice to almost fill the glass
6. Add rum
7. Add sparkling water.
8. Stirrrrr
(If it isn't sweet enough I think adding a dash of sprite would be quite nice too..)


I haven't had a sage mojito since visiting Amangiri, the sage was so pungent that when both John (the husband) and I tasted the Mojito we both immediately thought of Aman! Fact: Scent IS a powerful memory trigger!!

The Amangiri is probably one of the most impressive hotels I've stayed at, it's in the middle of no where (5 hours drive from Vegas), in a desert, yet you have absolutely everything you need right there! (Apart from a minibar in the room.. situated in Utah, predominately a Mormon state, they have stricter rules on alcohol..but you can ask for it..(WHAT!?!))   

There were a gate at the entrance, then a short drive from the gate to the actual building. no doors once you are in though, so you can literally get off the car and sit on those sofas... very zennnnn place.. good Chi ! (ha)

This is where we had all 3 of our meals, the food was, to my surprise, very very good. There are windows all around for everyone to enjoy the breathtaking view! (no reason for the tree, i just liked it.. a skinny well balanced tree.. )

The room had a heated pool, it was a bit chilli when we were there so I only briefly dipped my feet in it.. (sounds a bit grosss...) 

There were some stairs by the pool where you can go up, and star gaze at night! As again, it's in the middle of no where, there were no obstruction at all, dont think i've ever seen so many stars in the sky... (again, was a bit cold at night, so this lasted for about 5 mins tops... )

The room had a patio, and a fire place outside, that I really loved! 

The bathroom was a nice long corrider with the loo on one side shower/bath another.

Hanging on the wall, were things like, umbrella, walking stick, hat, straw bag, and this little leather pouch (which I LOVE), for you to use if you are going for a walk around the place~ 

SO.. done walking down memory lane, back to Sage Mojito! (i dont even think the image below WAS THE sage mojito I had..) but because there are lots of sage plantations around, almost everything was sage-y, even the massage oil and the candles they used at the spa. 

These were what we took home with us, the leather tissue cover (we bought from the gift shop- nope.. we didnt just knick it from the room..) and my memory of the best mojito ever! - done with sage~ 

Random thought...
1. I'd recommend anyone staying there!! A really pleasant experience, but i'd say 2-3 nights tops! haha relaxing and zen it might be, over doing relaxing and zen could potentially be a tad boring.. 

2. good that I took quite a bit of photos when I was there, exactly how one'd stereotype Chinese tourists! (without the awkward Shaolin-kung-fu-looking stance though.. )

Happy Sunday~ 


  1. Should've knicked the leather pouch(大誤):P


  2. i know! shoulda! actually.. they sold that at the gift shop..haha.could have just bought it but really couldn't think of what to use it for!