Sunday, June 30, 2013

[outfit] recently... summer looks

Work has been a little hectic that blog updating has been de-prioritised. It's official, summer's here! (did it ever leave LA? lol) I cannot believe we are past the half way mark of 2013 already, it seemed like yesterday that we were all counting down, drinking bubbly, farewelling 2012!! Now summer's here, got to look the part! dunno if I did, but here's me recently..  

CUE: Sam Sparrow Black & Gold (I actually did while writing this...) 

Think this was right before summer... 

The little gold dress is overpowering enough as it is, gotta dress it down a tad with some black! 

CUE: Flight of the bumbblebee

Moving closer to summer, here's what John mocks as my bubble bee outfit.. I like it, thought it has horizontal strips, the fitting is very slimming, it also has subtle shoulder pads so it's not too slouchy. Paired with YSL ballerinas.

My recent Lanvin Oxford shoes purchase, i LOVE it! It's suede, it's nice a soft, and it's not too geeky i hope. Will definitely see more of those~ 

So I moved the mirror closer to the window to get better sunlight, seems to have worked quite well. My floral print trousers obsession again, this time white with blue print! Always remember to pair floral with something plain, or might end up looking something like this, which IS pretty, but in a garden, not on a body. 

The trousers I also got from Tokyo, they are every where now~ very summer-y!

I have no song to cue for this one, simple black maxi with blue top. Love having hair up these days, very easy to manage! 

There are some really stunning flowers blossoming in the garden, the roses especially; not only are they massive, they smell soooo good!!.. so.. rosey.. haha couldn't think of another word really. Happy summer!!  

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