Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[care][skin]- Asahi Shizuku- my new found odourless hydrating obsession

I don't have the best of skins, therefore taking care and maintaining it would require extra efforts. I'd say my skin is more towards the sensitive side of the spectrum, living in a practically desert like climate in LA doesn't help either.. Without careful attention i could probably age 10 years in 2! 

I am VERY adventurous when it comes to testing new skincare products,hence the boxes of bottles on my dressing table. This is my new found obsession from Tokyo.

I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but in the "discovering-new-skincare-product-in-a-pharmacy-in-Tokyo" world you HAVE to do just that! (well i do... XD) I look at the packaging, the brand, the however little Japanese I can decipher on the packet first, then go for the tester! When i saw this, it immediately SCREAMED "WATER! HYDRATE!" to me! (in a Japanese accent..)

I hadn't seen or heard of it before, nor did I know the infamous Japanese beer brewer/ food conglomerate Asahi also has a lab that's dedicated to their healthcare branch of the business.. 

Taking the it out of it's pretty shell, it's has practically zero design or packaging on the bottle. The hydrating gel is completely odourless and almost white/transparent, I really liked that quality! 

The product claims to be 5 in 1 and is all you need to apply.(seems to be very popular in Tokyo at the moment). I was really pleasantly surprised at the texture when applied on, when the cream/gel is rubbed on to the skin, there seems to stages of absorption. 

At first, the "cream" texture disappears, leaving the more "gel" like content, then that also disappears and you'll actually SEE water drops on the skin surface, THEN when you keep rubbing that in the skin immediately feels fully hydrated. It was like watching water entering the skin!! (not sure how scientific that is but it looks really cool and feels really good!!)

I still apply my usual regimes with this, but i use it between serum and cream. It gives that extra hydration to the skin! 

The website looks all fancy and (maybe) scientific.. my level Japanese is no where near fully understanding the site, but the results so far have been really great. For almost $20 usd. i'd say it's worth it!! 

If you can read Japanese, please indulge:


  1. ERH的熬夜霜也超好用 你可google看看 鎖水保濕!

    1. REALLY? okok! lemme try it!!!! XDDD