Friday, June 7, 2013

[outfit] my recent floralprint leggings obsession

After my trip to Taiwan and Japan, I came back with 3 pairs of print jeans (more like leggings), god knows why but I am liking it quite a bit.. for now!

On two occasions I wore white flats with, I didn't even realise I had two pairs of white flats.. thought I had ONE pair, the new Lanvin en bleu i got from Tokyo~ the other was Chanel flat~ 

This cheap chic top I got from a little boutiquey store in Taipei

More of the print trousers, quite summery, no?

I also paired it with some kitten heels (about 2.5inches) think it's better with some heels.. 

Had to wear glasses to work today.. I woke up this morning and my eyes felt soooo dry, it was as if I hadn't slept! Didn't think too much of it and started to get ready for the day...It wasn't until AFTER putting my contacts on that I felt my vision had been compromised!!! I was seeing things as if I was wearing someone else's glasses..,, I panicked a teeny bit.. calmly took out the contacts, AND realised.. Ermmm! I could STILL see!!!....then there was the "SHIT!! I forgot to take my contact lenses off last night!!" THAT'S when i realised .... Duhhhh huh? stupidity can really overwhelm you when you least expect it... 

(that actually happened once before.. i was pleased for a split second and thought, have my sights self healed?.. double duh!) 


  1. Not many people can pull off that print! Maybe just you and Kate Moss.....


    1. hahah are you sure of what you are say?!? haha no way~ I WISHHHH!!! love her she always seem so day~ one day~ haha!