Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[food] one pan spaghetti w/ mushroom and pancetta

I saw this one pan pasta recipe yesterday was shocked at how easy it was, thought I'd give it a try with some modifications! 

What was used: (for two):

1. Spaghetti
2. Mushroom (however much you like I used 9)
3. Cherry tomato (used a whole box)
4. Onion x 1
5. Basil (used 3 branches)
6. Garlic (used 5 cloves)
7. Pepper
8. Salt
9. Pancetta (about 6 slices)
10. Parmesan
11. Dried chili
12. Tomato paste

Steps: (this is SO easy!)

1. Chop everything up, tomatoes- in halves/ basil- remove the stem/ garlic-slices/ onion-slices/ pancetta- chop in how ever large size preferred.

2. Add pasta for 2 in to the pan (have a pan big enough to fit) and then add everything in Step 1 in to the pan.

3. Add 3-4 cups of water (to cover the spaghetti and some ingredients)

4. Add pepper, salt (about 2 spoonful), chili, olive oil

5. Let it all boil, turn heat on high.
6. Cook pasta according to packet (12 min in my case) 
7. Once it's finished the sauce should thicken
8. Season to taste.

9. Plate and serve! 


  1. This looks easy!!!! Let me try it next time! Ellyn

    1. it's so easy!!! try it!!! lemme know how it goes~~