Saturday, June 15, 2013

[outfit] Friday supper in LA- Tom Ford heels

It's Friday!!! yay!! and my newly adopted sister (in law) Abby's bday supper at one of my favourite Italian place in LA Angelini Osteria! 

Didn't want to be too dressy at the office prior to supper, so the same old hudson jeans~ so comfortable~ ahhhh

This quite structured Acquascutum silk/chiffon top I bought when I was still living in London. Glad to see it still fits! :) 

My beloved Chanel <3

I love sale!! Bought these Tom Ford in the recent sale, I initially thought the heels are pretty high for what I can handel but they are sooooo comfortable!! I don't know if it's the angle of the heels, the position of the heels or how it is designed, the fitting makes perfect ergonomic sense!!! Perfect fit to my feet.. haha my cinderella moment! Dear Mr. Ford, please make more affordable shoes thank you!  

I've been obsessed with mixed and match bright colour nails this summer, got rid of my black and fuschia combo and replaced with blue/dark blue for my fingers and blue/grey for the toes.

I am growing more and more fond of Essie, these are the three colours I used to paint and my (and I am sure lots of other people's) favourite fast drying top coat Seche Vite- it really is the best!

I don't really have a habit of wearing lipsticks (always been using coloured lip balms) until about 1 year ago when a friend sent me some lovely Armani lipsticks, been hooked since! Without any make up on, lipstick can immediately make you look awake and ready to go! It's better than magic! (and i love the magnetic closure on Armani lipsticks, it's genuis!) 

Bright red lips are so in trend these days, since I am quite a newbie when it comes to lipsticks I thought I'd be gradual on the redness scale. So I got these Cle de Peau lipsticks colour R8, I am loving it, wearing it everyday! I think I'll be ready for bright red in no time!! 

Happy Weekend!! xoxo


  1. Love the top!

    I dont really use lipstick either, but what a GREAT friend you got!


    1. haha I know!!! but i quite enjoy using lipsticks now! thank you my great friend~ xxx