Sunday, June 23, 2013

[care][skin] Shockingly good- Sulwhasoo whitening mask

I've been wanting to try this high end Korean Skincare line Sulwhasoo for a while now but their line of product's so extensive I wasn't really sure where to start. Founded in 1966, basing their entire line of products on herbal ingredient (most famously Korean ginseng) it is said to have dramatic glowing effects on the skin. I saw this new face mask while passing their counter when I was in Taiwan, after the convincing sales ladies' pitch I gave in.. 

Asian women are generally pretty obsessed with skin-whitening, a lot of people makes real efforts, any efforts, go through extreme length, to avoid contact with the sun. The facekini for example, would be what I considered "extreme length"

Thinking back, as a teenager, I was all into lying on the beach, exposing my entire body to UV rays coming from all directions, that particular activity has definitely has been put to an end. But it wasn't until I saw some dark spots/freckles on my face that I learnt to stay away from UV.

I for one, also make efforts to shy away from the sun, for two main reasons, first to avoid uneven skin tone (dark spots) with the UV ray exposure and secondly to try and avoid skin cells ageing rapidly. With that said, it is almost impossible to avoid all sun light (without completely embarrassing yourself)  especially with this S. Californian sun, hence the sunscreen and the products to brighten the complexion! 

The box of face mask comes with 10 individually wrapped mask with detailed instructions on the back of the packet.

The mask is so incredibly thin and soft that it is held together by two pieces of harder mesh films. You remove one side of the mesh, apply the mask to face, then remove the other mesh while the mask is on your face.

The primary ingredient is fermented white ginseng with some other herbal extracts.

The smooth and thin texture of the mask allows it to contour perfectly on the face, it is the thinnest and most silky face mask I have ever used, and the ingredients absorbed very quickly, without any feeling of stickiness. Just the feeling that I am soaking up all the goodness!!! hahah!! 

I don't know how much the before and after image shows, but in person, my skin instantly feel brighter, not paler but an overall better complexion, this effect would usually last til the next day, think that means all the good stuff have been absorbed, huh? 

Sulwhasoo is available in the US in Neiman Marcus (not sure if they carry this particular product yet though)

I am sure there's more to be found out at

The price was around $120 for a box of 10, it is quite hefty compare to other face masks, but I definitely think it's worth it! 

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