Thursday, June 13, 2013

[care][hair] solution to hair loss- La biosthetique shampoo for the scalp

I am fairly adventurous when it comes to hair styles, "it's going to grow back anyway" I always think. I've had hair down to waist lengths and shorter than Demi Moore in the 90s.

Why Demi Moore one may ask? Well, as hot as she was in the 90s, mother was a fan of her infamous haircut, so, I guess she thought, Demi's hair + my teenage daughter's face would be a solution to hair styling success, well, as it turned out, not so much, but I didn't hate it, looking back now, I really should have! 

I've always thought having long hair was destined to suffer from major hair loss, I used to lose hair amounts to about 2 babies' hair worth each time I shampoo, it wasn't until about 6 month ago I was introduced to La Biosthetique shampoo range. 

It seemed like my apparently sensitive scalp had suffered some kind of inflammation/redness that was causing the hair growth cycle to shorten and as a result HUGE hair loss.

I started with the Methode Sensitive shampoo for the scalp, it doesn't lather so much like ordinary shampoo, it's clear and doesn't have smell that's too pungent.

The other range I also have been using is the Dermosthetique also by La Biosthetique, it is said to have the effect relaxing and regenerating the scalp as well as strengthening the hair follicles to extend the hair growth cycle. Scalp needs anti-ageing too apparently! 

The Elixir Revitalisant is to be applied on the scalp after shampooing, its function is to strengthening the life of natural anti-ageing cells in the scalp, and extending the hair growth cycle hence reduce hair loss.

I first started using Methode Sensitive for a couple of month to try and eliminate the redness on my scalp that was causing the hair loss, then Dermosthetique to strength and regenerate the hair follicles. I now use the 2 intangent and it really has DRAMATICALLY reduce my hair loss, no more redness on my scalp, my hair is less brittle and definitely feels healthier than before.

I would really recommend the shampoo to anyone~

And of course, I always finish off with beloved moroccan oil, for the hair mask, I use as conditioner. 

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