Thursday, March 6, 2014

[outfit] bid farewell to my new Chanel espadrille/ vintage dior

When Chanel first brought out the espadrille, I looked at it in disgust thinking it was horrible.. but then it started to grow on me, it wasn't until last year when I tried a pair on did I then realise why people were buying them and wearing them. 

The lamb skin is buttery soft, it's so nice on the skin, sooo comfortable, and it's a nice alternative to trainers and ballerinas (if you wear flats as often as I do..)

I went and ordered a pair for my freakishly small feet - size 35 (and at times 34.5) from Chanel, they arrived yesterday and I immediately tried them on. 

Softer than baby's skin as usual, but they were for some reason a tad big on me.. the SA gave me some insoles to try them with, they felt ok, so I took them home with me~ 

While putting them on this morning, to take outfit selfies for the blog I tried walking around the house.. and they kept falling off.. T_T  after much thought and agony (ok it's really not that bad, but i really liked them!!) I decided to return them..   

I won't give up on my hunt for a comfy pair of espadrilles.. my 2 cent on wearing those espadrilles..

Unlike ballerinas, they come up so high on the back of the feet, leaving little exposure of skin between the shoes and the ankle, if wearing trousers, it's nice to have the bottom of the trousers slightly rolled up to about ankle length. I feel that elongates the exposed skin and therefore the legs.

I found these images on google where I felt the trousers were a bit too long for those espadrilles, while they would have been perfect with ballerinas.

But then everyone feels different~

I also feel that.. 

Shorts or skirts are perfect  

Ripped denim or boyfriend jeans are nice too

I decided to use my mum's vintage Dior clutch she had from over 30 years ago. When I first took it from her when I was still at college, I was shocked to how well it was made at the time, with leather linings through out... times have really changed!

It's old but gold 

Good bye my love~ 

Trousers: Zara
Bracelet: Valentino/ Vita Fede
Shoes: Chanel
Top: Joie
Bag: Vintage Dior
Sunglasses: Balenciaga


A few things on this.. 

- The New Chanel Espadrilles has thicker sole as compared to the first versions. The SA had told me that people with the old version were complaining on how the soles are too thin so when they were stepping on things they could feel them.. (well.. they CLEARLY don't own any Tod's loafers!) so they made new ones thicker

- The thicker sole makes it heavier, and because my feet are too small, the weight of the shoes was detaching and pulling the shoes away from my foot with every step i took.. So if you have small boney feet like me definitely walk around more to get a feel of them before buying..

- The general consensus is that they run a little small.. (i have funnily sized feet) 

I am thinking the old version with the thinner soles would fit me fine... hope they'll have them somewhere in the world... 

one of those days..... a Cinderella story may just happen again.. 


  1. Look so good on you though.........Can't wait for mine!!!!


    1. Thanks!! I can't wait for you to get yours too!!!!! I hope you'll like them as much as I do~