Monday, March 3, 2014

[outfit] Wore my hat and met my love - Hermes 2014 Pliplat Clutch

It was over the weekend that I felt the weather might have just been appropriate to allow me to take my hat out for a stroll to the mall..

(note to self: Irvine not ready for people shopping in hats) 

I'll try an outdoor mall next time when it pours down... 

It's been awhile since I bought this hat but have never had the chance to wear it, with it raining cats and dogs last weekend I couldn't let the opportunity slip through my fingers.. 

Felt my gilet could join the hat party.. as it turned out the guy SA at Chanel thought so too as he kept stroking my gilet while saying "oouuu~ i luvv thees, what iss theess ?? "

The less flamboyant boots

As I was shopping, I accidentally stumbled upon Hermes (as you do...) and one thing led to another the next thing I know I was trying this GORGEOUS 2014 Pliplat Clutch in etoupe. I fell in love... 

Leggings: Uniqlo
Gilet: Lanvin x HM
Bracelet: Hermes/ Vita Fede
Boots: Burberry
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Ring: Cartier 
Bag: Givenchy
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang
Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue

As I have previously explained what a rational shopper I am, after much consideration especially on practicality and (most importantly) after looking at the price tag, I handed it back to the lovely French SA with a smile and a look in my eyes that probably says "take good care of it...  I hope it finds a good home"

Some other colours and leather

The clutch unfolds to a long bag with fastening on the top, so to reach for the things in the bag you'd have to reach pretty deep..

And finally in croc with contrasting colours on the band.... (drolll)

One day... One day.. 

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