Friday, March 14, 2014

[thots] trend: slip on trainers / sneakers for spring

Taking a look around and about at the shoe section for spring, be it Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Parda, McQueen, Burberry, Valention, you name it, they have either espadrilles or slip on trainers in their spring collection. 

I would personally prefer wearing slip on trainers with shorts or skirts, or slightly rolled up above the ankle jeans be it skinny or ripped boyfriend, for the same reason I feel about the espadrilles- It elongates the legs visually and hence over all height.

Here's some nice slip on trainer outfits I think are nice!

I like the casual chic, a little bold colours won't hurt and it's perfect for spring!! 

So.. I began my quest for the search for some slip on trainers, both lavish and frugal, here are some of my finds, the ones marked with a red  * are the ones I like the most~


I think those can be fun and jazzy for the spring/summer! My only concern would be the material, but they are around $40 what's there to complain!?


Black and Simple, quite vanilla

Common Project *

LOVE the colour, and it's nice how it's slightly pointier, I wonder if it'd make people who has bigger feet look like they have giant fee though..


Very lavish and the beaded detail and the buttery looking leather, I think it's one of those "the longer you look at it the more it can be appreciated" kind.

Jimmy Choo  *

This (meaning the shape and design) is pretty much what I had in my mind when I was thinking of the ideal slip on trainers for myself 

Joie  *

I like the thin sole and the texture, not sure about the shape of the cap though, but it does seem like it's roomier than the Jimmy Choo

Kurt Geiger

The fun and less extravagant options

Lanvin  *

I am so biased that I have only good things to say about Lanvin, those are yummy!! and I am prettttttttty sure they are gonna be heavenly to walk in! 

Alexander McQueen

I prefer bad ass McQueen skull to lacey badass skull with a dangling fringe.. 

Maison Martin Margiela 

Saint Laurent

Cool subtle studs with vintage-look base which I wayyy prefer to refrigerator white! 

The whole smiley skull thing just doesn't do it for me... I prefer McQueen serious bad ass skull


Very Tods and a safe option for the less adventurous..

Vince  *

Love the woven textured 

 Those, I too like very much

Those perforated may please some, but not me 

I generally prefer them with thinner soles and hopefully leather interior for the purpose of comfort. With all that said though, I am not even sure if they will suit me, will def go and try them out over the weekend!!

OH... I came across this pair of Acne trainers and the first thing that came to my head was "house arrest"...   I don't get it.. 

Happy Weekend!! :) 

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