Saturday, March 15, 2014

[outfit] got the blues for outdoors

This hot March's day weekend, we head to the flower field for some outdoorsy fun!! Here's me captured in a chicken-feet-hand / the-crane moment ..

The sun being my worst enemy of all times; for 3 reasons, first the brightness, second the heat and third the potential tanning effects. To combat from these I made sure I was SPF 100 sprayed all over and grabbed my panama hat for the heat, for brightness I made sure my eyes were shaded at all times! ha!

If only I had gotten a pair of slip on sneakers.. but those worked just fine~

I am JUST obsessed with those denim shirts.. can't seem to stop wearing them... 

Top: Uniqlo
Shorts: J Brand
Belt: Bottega Veneta
Bag: Chanel
Sunglasses: Linda Farrow
Ballerinas: Lanvin
Hat: J Crew

It was really nice and colourful, although I think it would have been nicer and more blossoming in April

Love the colours of those

Really liked this colour combo, I imaged the orange spots like stitchings on a piece of fashion item... 

Oh.. and finally I just HAD to have some fresh lemonade from this adorably looking booth.. 

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