Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[outfit] knitted gilet / chanel ballerina cobalt blue and gold

Before I begin babbling on about my outfit, I just wanted to say how creative and fun was the Chanel PFW AW2014 runway !?! Chanel Supermarket!!? Genius! 

The first image I saw when I woke up this morning was this

I was very much confused... Karl?! Cara?! (yeah first name basis I like... ) supermarket?! Then it all made sense..  

For some reason I just LOVE this shot, such a true depiction of real life shoppers, the man could be the hubby or the chauffeur. Ironically this also reminded me of the news from last year where a Chinese man jumped himself to death at a shopping mall as his girlfriend insisted on shopping for more... 

Ladies.. we need to know when to pull the plugs man!! 

Another thing that really interested me was the basket, made out of the chain from 2.55 ! I actually want one... what for? I have ZERO idea, but I WANT ONE!

(it's GOT to be vodka she's holding on her other hand.. chic vodka, Chanel vodka)

I am sure the entire video would be on soon. From the looks of it, lots of trainers, leggings and fuller bodied jackets~ and lots of colours! fun ~ 

ANY HO~ bye runway fashion hello everyday wear~ 

As I have announced my love for blue (cobalt blue, electric blue.. BRIGHT blue!) and green this spring I am sticking to my words.. 

I think this might have been from the cruise collection, I saw it a couple month back at the airport in HK, they had 1 pair in my size, tried it on and they fitted perfectly~ with a Cinderella story like this, it's hard to let go of those crystal shoes.. 

Ok fine.. I do have a few pair of the ballerina so I knew they were going to fit.. BUT i've never seen them in this colour combination... 

Just an ordinary day at the office and I decided to wear my knitted long gilet. With knitted non-full sleeve length clothing I always feel it fits better with a different textured fabric.. so denim shirt I went with again~ 

Gilet: Theory
Jeans: Hudson
Shoes: Chanel
Shirt: Uniqlo
Bag: Neiman Marcus
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang

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