Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[care][hair] hair- moroccan oil

I KNOW how good Moroccan oil is is old news, but since I vowed here that i'd write about things I love, I am gonna!

I've always had quite terrible hair, fine, curly, frizzy, so one could image how difficult it is to manage, going to places with high humidity would usually result in that episode of Friends, where in Barbados,  Monica's hair turned into one of the Supremes'

and... I've always hated it. I remember nagging my mum to take me to have my hair straightened since the age of about 7...This has gradually change for the better as I grow old older, yet the essential qualities remain. 

I was introduced the Moroccoan oil and IT CHANGED MY LIFE!! (ok.. slight exaggeration there, but it DID changed my hair, ok.... it changed how I manage my hair!) Applied when damp it dries a tad faster and doesn't leave the hair frizzy when it's done. Apply some more on when it's dried, it brings an instant shine to the hair without it feeling greasy!

I was so impressed that I went on and bought their hair mask, and that's pretty good too, although not as instantly impressive as the oil, but it's good, and they all smell so lushhh.. The smaller size is just the right size for travelling and I haven't travelled without it since! 



  1. It's the only oil I used that does not leave my hair feeling greasy, nor does it weigh it down. It's amazing!

    I bought the shampoo too, but the only thing I like is the smell......wont get a second bottle!


    1. really? I was gonna get the shampoo.. good that you told me! I thought the smell was a little strong at first on both products, but then it grows on you! x

  2. 居然大家都有!!挖馬屋!