Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[outfit] seafolly- my idea of the perfect bikini

I don't actually remember the last time I went shopping for bikinis or browse through bikinis for that matter! I guess it might be that it's very occasional that I'd get a chance to wear them, also, it's so hard to find a perfectly fitting one without trying them on.

Before this trip I thought it was time to update my (practically non-existent) swimwear wardrobe, after searching and trying on at least 20 bikinis I decided on these:- Seafolly Goddess Bandeau!

image from google

A nicely fitted bikini can turn self-consciousness into self-confidence in a blink of an eye, that's exactly how I felt between trying on all other bikinis and these! The few things I was looking for were; comfort, support, coverage (not a fan not skimpy bikinis..) the Seafolly bandeau met of all those criteria; it was icing on the cake when I found out the same top can be worn four different ways! 
What I noticed when trying it on was how well made it was, there were details like the padded cup (thinly padded for that extra security!) and rubber grippers fitting the top seamlessly to the body. The side seam boning on either sides of the cup provides great support and good coverage too!   

I always do this buy-the-same-item-in-different-colours thing if I love something so much (also in this case as it turned out, bikini shopping for me, is no ordinary-enjoyable-shopping, and it's in fact quite a long winded and slightly painful processes)

Oneill's office is right next door to mine, so I popped in and picked up those beach shorts to take with~  

It wasn't until I uploaded these images that I realised that the bikinis are no where to be seen! LOL oh well, you see the shorts!