Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[outfit] leather detailed jacket

Just wanted to wear jeans and tshirts today, it was raining last night, slight over cast this morning so I thought (silly of me to) it'd be a bit chilly.. when I stepped outside, it was as if the rain never even happened.. the ground wasnt even damp in the slightest! 

well.. i already grabbed a jacket- love this vince smart-ish jacket with the leather pocket details and trim at the zip line. (god knows how long this leather/ fabric combo trend will last, perhaps as long as the wetness in LA- I am loving it now at least!)

I LOVE Hudson jeans, the cutting fits really well, it's hugging but seem to elongate and slim the legs, not to mention the fabric is soooo comfortable!!

T-shirt i got from bangkok from this cool local brand called greyhound

3 days til the end of the week.. can't wait!