Thursday, April 11, 2013

[outfit] perfect pair of trainers

I have been searching for the perfect pair of trainers that's comfortable and fits my tiny size 35 (US 5) feet for a long long time. I bought a pair of Converse, they rubbed sooo much that I had to pluck up the courage, almost biting my lips and frowning every time i took a step! so i figured it wasn't worth the agony, not to mention there was blood... 


I wanted the Isabel Marant but they didn't have my size... after trying on over 20 pairs of trainers, just when i was about to give up and get more ballerinas, I found the answer in London Harrods & Matches- Lanvin and Pierre Hardy!!! 

It is sunny today (again?! yep.. always, and forever will be) here in S. California, with work to do and errands to run, what better shoes to wear than trainers! I am wearing those Lanvin today with just jeans, t-shirt, a cardi and a mcq scarf. It's almost the weekend, gotta relax a bit!  


  1. 我想看pierre hardy!

  2. 好!讀者的special request 寫下來...哈 也是平底比較高筒的下次穿po給你看!x

  3. 給你猛留言,到時候紅了不要忘記也要回我的留言 哈哈哈哈哈哈

    1. 哈哈 紅?!怎麼可能...想太多了喔~哈 你留言我一定回阿 還會親你一下 哈 jim ji leh~ x

    2. 氣死我 哈哈哈哈