Sunday, April 14, 2013

[outfit] Shoe issue/ Goodbye Giuseppe Zanotti

I have an issue, a shoe issue. 

I love buying heels, but I am not so great at wearing them. I admire people who can run after a bus or shop all day in 5 inch heels, it's a talent! My feet have such low pain endurance level that when I am in heels, I don't want to engage in activities that requires more than walking or sitting.

My heel-wearing-expert friend Jing (she won't mind being mentioned) tells me, in exchange for comfort and ease in heels, there needs to be sacrifices... .usually.there.

image from
(I just LOVE this kid!)
B-b-blllooood?!? no, thank you! 

I bought these Giuseppe Zanotti online THOUGHT I could walk in them, but. i. was. wrong!! As it turned out, a) size 35 was still too big, and b) had they fit, I'd be whispering "ouch" with every step i i'd be returning those tomorrow. T_T 

Goodbye Zanotti~ 


  1. My feet hurt just looking at them......


  2. they WERE quite painful!!!

  3. 不過這雙的型還蠻好看的

    1. 可是真的太大了!真的很難買鞋我!(怒)